What is this?

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RaffleBeast® collects the most totally awesome stuff anywhere, and then gives it away. Anybody can enter a standard RaffleBeast® raffle, and you don't have to spend a dime.

Every raffle of some awesome stuff can be easily and freely entered by completing the options listed on each raffle... stuff like visiting our Facebook page, sharing the site with friends, etc.

Sometimes a new raffle can be unlocked if certain goals are reached. For example, if it is announced on a raffle that if a certain number of entries are received, or a certain number of members become "Beast Masters", then a separate raffle will be unlocked and can be entered that could have an even cooler prize.

great. so uh, how?


Click on one of the raffle items that tickles your fancy in the Beast's "Lair" (the home page) or on the "Stuff" page.

Once you've perused all the info you need, scroll down to the "Enter To Win:" section and choose a means of logging in/signing up. You could sign in via email, Facebook, Google, etc. which helps provide your details for entering the raffle promotion.

Once you've logged in, start selecting the means of entry into the raffle from the options shown. Common ways to enter include sharing things on social media, visiting our Facebook page and giving us a Like, becoming a "Beast Master", and other ways. The options will vary from raffle to raffle, and you can enter in multiple ways creating multiple entries.

Once you completed each means of entry that you have chosen, just sit back and wait for the winner to be announced here on the website and on social media. Winners are chosen through the Gleam.io app using Random.org, so the winners are truly random and verified. The winner will receive an email from The Beast letting them know how to go about claiming the prize (supplying a shipping address for physical goods, email for delivery of digital goods, etc.).